Wasteland World Car Show is Cars & Coffee on CRACK.

Screw the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance — we found a show that blows that pretentious one-percenter circle jerk outta the damn water.

Meet our new favorite annual event: Wasteland World's all-post-apocalyptic car show. It's like your neighborhood Cars & Coffee except dragged through the fucking gates of Valhalla.

If you're a fan of Mad Max (which we assume to be the case if you've made it this far), don't expect to walk the show floor without sporting a massive hard-on from the sheer number of badass wasteland war machines.

Here are just a few of the reasons this car show kicks every Cars & Coffee's ass:

It starts at noon.

Why does every other car-meet organizer want to get us out of bed at 6 A.M. on a Sunday? This needs to be the new standard.

Every single car is cool.

While we love car shows, we probably only care about 30-60% of the cars in attendance, generally. Not here. Every single ride — from the vintage VW's to the rusty Nissan "Altimatum" — was worth looking at in detail.

Everyone lets you touch and get up close to their cars.

Ever get yelled at for being 'too close' to some guy's Dodge Daytona at a car show? We have. But here, many of the car owners want you sit on, in, or around their creations. Cool.

There was a replica of Mad Max's Ford Falcon V8 Interceptor.

Need we say more?

The after-party spills late into the night.

Who wouldn't want to party with a bunch of smelly steampunks for hours?

The organizers of the show are the same folks who put on the Wasteland Weekend, which is Burning Man but better and cooler in every way. We encourage you to look into the main event, held in late September in California City desert.

Anyway, these are only several of the many reasons why we'll be coming back. Here's looking forward to next year's Concours d'Apocalypse.

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