We Met Jay Leno at the World-Famous Supercar Sunday

We checked out one of the most popular car shows in the Los Angeles area: Supercar Sunday in Woodland Hills, CA. SCS boasts possibly the widest array of automobiles imaginable, and it's held every single week in the Westfield Promenade parking lot. Repeat: every Sunday!

Now waking up early on a Sunday is NOT something we take lightly at RoadHeads, but Supercar Sunday was absolutely an acceptable reason to do so. We spent some time talking to owners and builders of some of our favorite rides at the show and got a cool look at some vehicles we'd never known existed.

For example, we met a man who built a widebody Jeep Cherokee, and by widebody we mean he widened the damn thing right down the middle. Most Jeeps have 7-slot grills, but THIS ONE GOES TO ELEVEN!

We also talked to the founder of Supercar Sunday, only to be rudely interrupted by Jay Leno himself, who ruined our interview with his overbearing jet-powered motorcycle. Who does that guy think he is!?

We had an opportunity to talk to Jay as he walked by us at one point in the show. The conversation went something like this:

Hi, Mr. Leno. We have a car show on YouTube, too.

Yes that's nice.

Anyway, we'll be coming back to SCS for sure, but next time we'll be sure to arrive even earlier.

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