RoadHeads Guide to the LA Auto Show: 2015

Christmas came early, and so did we... to annual the Los Angeles Auto Show! We ventured out to the Convention Center in DTLA to collect our media credentials and check out the latest in automotive advancements. Manufacturers this year unveiled tons of new models that will soon be mass produced for the general public, but we didn't care about any of that boring crap. We came for the badassery!

Instead of focusing on all the same cars you'll have read about from other publications, we created this RoadHeads Guide to the LA Auto Show to help you sift through all the boring mainstream bullshit. Plus, all you unfortunate bastards who weren't cool enough to get in with the press can now take an exclusive look at the show behind the show!

Not only did we rank the cars, we ranked the entire convention center, including all of the amenities the LA Auto Show had to offer: the restrooms, the free booze, the free food, the human trays that held the free food... We used a strict ranking system, utilizing a ONE to FIVE scale: FIVE being the "Most Badass!" and ONE being the "Most Lameass." We made sure to make simple, straightforward, objective subjections of everything that we thought deserved a ranking.

The biggest highlight that we couldn't mention in the video was the Media Kickoff Party. We expected a hotel conference room networking event, but the party had an open bar, burlesque dancers, acrobatic acts, and even a duo of DJ's called "The Gentleman Callers."


Check out the video for the rest of our favorite highlights from the show, and stay tuned for a few more videos of our LA Auto Show coverage, including a new segment called "Will Kyle Fit?" and other completely objective reviews by Max. Thanks for coming with us!

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