What it’s like to Daily a Jurassic Jeep

We love cars; we love movies. But most importantly, we love MOVIE CARS! Going down the list, there’s Max Rockatansky’s Falcon Interceptor, Doc Brown’s timely DMC-12 (Get it? Because Marty McFly visits the year 2015?), and the Ghost Busters’ 59 Ecto-1 Caddy. But one of the best movie cars isn’t one that most people usually think of: Jurassic Park’s YJ Wrangler. Well we say YES!

Car culture and pop culture often cross streams, and when they do some pretty eclectic and iconic rides are born. The Jeep YJ is an icon in itself and so is the Jurassic park franchise; both have passionate, niche fan-bases and both have stood the test of time. Get it? So, what happens when an individual is so lost in the midst of both cultures? For Mr. JP088 himself, or "SoCal Steve," he decided combine his two passions.

To back up, Steve priorly owned a deliciously modded Lotus Exige with a license plate that says "ENCOM VP," as in THE MAN FUCKING LOVES TRON. But Steve needed a different, more practical vehicle. Unfortunately for Steve, a light cycle was out of the question, but considering the availability of spare Jeeps, Steve did the logical next step, which was to buy a YJ and take it back in time.

Okay, it’s not exactly a clone... maybe more of a fraternal twin? The actual Jurassic Park Jeep was a ’92 Sahara, and we could nitpick the details if we wanted to, but what’s the point? After putting in the elbow grease, Steve now has a Jurassic Jeep with a little bit of personality. Oh, and by the way, that number "88"? You bet yer ass it’s a BTTF reference.

And he’s not alone. There’s a surprisingly large community of Jurassic Jeep owners and builders based in California, as well as across the globe. From what Steve tells us, this car is the best entry point for a movie car project: it is relatively inexpensive, pretty easy to do—mostly just paint is needed, and you’ve already got a community of people online to help you with parts and to roll with once you get up and running!

Until next time, we bid you a Jeep-wave goodbye, but with tiny T-Rex arms. Pretty fucking cute, huh?

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