We checked out Ken Block's Gymkhana Eight premiere party!

Ken Block is probably the modern-day Evel Knievel on four-wheels, famous for those slidey, donut-y car videos that are used to advertise hats. Well guess what? He's back with another one, and this time he's doing his slidey donut-y thing in DUBAI!

Ken and the Hoonigan crew were premiering the new Gymkhana video nearby so we decided to mob over and finally collide the two unstoppable forces of [HOONIGAN] and [ROADHEADS].

The premiere — held at the YouTube Space in LA — featured free pizza and beer, an R/C gymkhana track, a lineup of the Hoonigan dudes' cars, but most importantly: a Q&A sesh with Mr. Block and the first screening of the new film. We took some time to enjoy the little things before the main event, like Ken's new Hoonmobile:

After loading up on beer, we mingled the fuck out of some fellow car dudes, watched the vid, and asked Ken a few questions we concocted. He revealed some cool inside details on the making of the film... and he also totally ripped on Kyle's car. ROASTED.

Other highlights of the event included meeting Porsche-legend Magnus Walker and paraplegic drifter Chairslayer, as well as being asked by Matt Farah if we "blow each other." Also, there was that new Gymkhana video... which wasn't too bad. But not as good as our video about the video.

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